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Your Pets Are Our First Priority

Welcome! I am Florence, the most caring, loving, and playful pet sitter in Westlake Village California. I love being a pet companion and bringing pet owners peace of mind. I'm the fun dog walker who brings an inflatable pool in the summer. I'm the nanny your pets have been wanting! My motto is "Your Pets Are Our First Priority!"


This site is always changing and I invite you to go through the menu options to see what is coming up!

A Little About Me

Florence Odell,

Sole Proprietor

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From the age of four, animals would follow me wherever I would go; as the saying goes, the more the merrier. And every kind of pet was welcome! 


I love being a pet companion and I started Helping Paws Pet Companion to grow a business of like-minded people who love to care for pets as much as I do.


Throughout my personal life and pet sitting career, I've cared for almost every type of domestic animal you can think of: dogs, horses, cats, hamsters, frogs, turtles, fish and birds... of course not all at the same time! I love to educate myself on each animal and breed to understand the care they need.
Even at a young age, I knew my future was to be a loyal companion to animals, and to have the utmost integrity to give the proper care to animals of any shape or size.


And I will do the same for you as I strive to do the very best for your pets. It is my pleasure to give you peace of mind so you can manage your lifestyle, work and family with the knowledge that my team and I will have your back. After all, "Your Pets Are Our First Priority."